Skoda Fabia Used for sale Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Stroud, Gloucestershire.
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Skoda Fabia Used for sale Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Cirencester, Stroud, Gloucestershire.


The Skoda Fabia uses the same engine, Chassis, and gearbox as the VW Polo. The MK1 was the better driving car and far cheaper and more reliable. Very solid if a little plain inside.

Vehicle Information

Insurance Group:  4
Number of Previous Owners:  0

Vehicle Features

Air Conditioning
Climate Control
Alloy Wheels
Radio/CD Player
Remote Central Locking
Power Steering
4 Airbags
Electric Windows
Electric Mirrors

Used Skoda Fabia Cars For Sale Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Stroud, Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

The differences between the “old” and facelifted Fabia are hard to find, but under tho hood nothing is the same. New down-sized engines are the trend these days, and the Fabia got them too.

Three years after the birth of Skoda’s little one, it is time for a facelift. It is a nice English word for another face, and lets start to mention what changed. At the front we see a wider wider grille, new headlamps and a reshaped bumper party.The latter is indeed clearly visible, but those lights and grille we take for granted from Skoda, even if you put pictures of old and  new Fabia together, it is hard to see. The most obvious visible are the lower air intake and fog lamps. Also, new alloy wheels  as new exterior colors appeared in the range.

So far the facelift in the literal sense, we can now turn to the real news. And that we find under the bonnet, because Skoda has  almost renewed the entire engine range. All that remained is the 1.2-liter three-cylinder, which is either  two or four valves per cylinder. And for those who do not care about how many valves are there somewhere in his engine: it means in practice 60 or 70 hp. Nevertheless is not quite the same, because by optimizing  the distribution chain the engine noise was reduced a bit. An important reason to maintain that engine will undoubtedly be to keep the starting price just below the psychological ten thousand euro’s in Europe. Well, that remains. But what did not remains are the known TDI engine with pump injector. Skoda Fabia offered a choice of 1.4 to 1.9 with a 81 hp and 105 hp,  which are both thanked for services they provided. Like other cars from the Volkswagen group,the Fabia  too receive now also to the common rail diesel engine, with either a 1.2 with 75 hp and 180 Nm or a 1.6 with 105 hp and 230 Nm. A typical case of downsizing therefore, because the performances are  about the same, but with smaller stroke volume, and that means of course, significantly lower emissions and consumption. Were the old diesels did around 130 grams of CO2 per kilometer, the new do 99 or 109 grams.

The gasoline engines (as mentioned, except the three-cylinder) were replaced, and here too it is downsizing. And that last wordyou can take literally, because the displacement that returned, compensated with turbo charge. Plus direct injection.This new 1.2-liter four cylinder replaces both the 1.4 and the 1.6 petrol, and for that bivalent task to be taken, it is available with either 86 or 105 hp. Both are available with five-speed manual transmission, the 105 horsepower is optional also with a seven-speed DSG available. For us the manual 105 hp version is ready to test, one with manual transmission. Well we know this one from the drivetrain of the Volkswagen Polo, but he manages to surprise in the Skoda Fabia. The roads we drove were twisty and hilly, but the 1.2 TSI does not disappoint a moment. The engine snorts up a storm, with a sporty hum, and thanks to the turbo you have enough power already around two thousand rpm. The values are almost diesel, but with the right tone. You dive into the corner,runs nice and neutral through it then quickly turn out, and you climb back to cruising speed. The control is good and communicative and direct, and the thick steering wheel feels good in your hand, while the seats hold you firmly in the saddle. Well, we should or  just add that the label on the back says “Sportline” , but that does not alter the characteristics of the engine. And that is the most pleasing aspect of the Fabia. The five-speed turns nicely and clearly, just the reverse is very close to one, making you ever think of a mistake in the reverse. Of this time is the shift indicator.Small and discreet, because all the time it wants you driving off in the fifth gear.

It is clear that the facelift does not disregarded the Fabia Combi and also the Scout trim is available on the  new Fabia Combi. Good to know is also that this range is not yet complete without the Fabia RS and off course the Green Line with ultra efficient diesel unit from the Volkswagen PoloBlueMotion.